Photo Review Sessions

Blind Critique Sessions

If we want to improve our photography we should learn to reflect on our photographic work and know why (or why not) we (or others) like a photo. In the blind (no details of whose picture is being reviewed are provided) photo critique session we can develop our judgement with the help of our colleagues without the fear of being embarrassed or embarrassing someone else. Note that this should not be confused with criticism!

Please submit your images to whenever you would like some constructive feedback without being exposed. 

A session will be held when we have a number of images from different photographers. 

Curation Sessions

You are back from a vacation or a photo session/assignment with a large number of images and have problems to select 10 strongest? In the curation sessions we shall guide you in curating 10 that try to tell a story and arrange the images in a portfolio.

For these sessions, we suggest you print not more than 30 images, postcard size, so that they can be shuffled around on our whiteboard.  An alternative is to bring up to 30 images on a USB key (or your computer/ tablet, or have them preloaded in a LightRoom catalogue if you have the software.