The Club owns an A3+ and an A0 printer both attached to a PC and available to the members.

You can use two formulas to use this material:

1 – You use paper from the storage cabinet in the room and the ink from the printer

2 – You bring your own paper and pay for the ink (already installed in the printer)

For both cases, prices for the consumables used (per sheet) are shown here (and in the Club Room next to the printers).
You can pay cash for the consumables at the Club Room (please pay the exact amount as from the table below) or reimburse the club through a bank transfer.

The operation of the printers using Lightroom is not always easy as the program offers many (sometimes confusing) options. We would recommend not to change too many system parameters and reconfigure things wildly in Lightroom, as the next user may be very confused.

Should you need help, you are welcome to contact the admins who will try to provide help on a best effort basis.


I use paper from the Club:
Paper: RAG  6.707.50 
Paper: Pro Luster Premium RC 1.006.707.50 
Ink cost 0.701.301.50 
Total to pay = printed photo  1.708.009.00 
I use my own paper:
Ink cost0.400.701.301.502.70
Total to pay = printed photo 0.400.701.301.502.70

Prices updated December 2023.