The darkroom is the place where the magic of analog photography happens.

When all the chemicals mix and reveal the image confined in the paper.

  • The room is fully equipped to develop B&W film (Paterson tank system, up to 4 35mm roll at the same time) and make enlargements (35mm, and medium format up to 6×7, with a Durst BW Condenser enlarger).
  • The darkroom will soon be equipped with a ventilator to refresh the air.
  • Special chemicals tanks are available for the used developer and fixer. They are then given to the recycling service of CERN to dispose of them according to the regulations.
  • The club does not provide consumables (chemicals, film, paper), but feel free to ask the members if you need advice, or want to share chemical cost.

–> The darkroom is free to use. If you want to work in it, you just have to be member of the Cern Photo Club, and reserve the slot in the “studio booking” calendar.