Please note:

  • A Google agenda is only visible in your calendar on your computer or mobile if your email address is present on the studio access list. To request access to the studio please contact
  • Studio access is only granted once the obligatory training session has been attended. Please contact for further information.


Background roll :

  1. Never cut the rolls! If part is already used or dirty, you can just unroll the clean part and accumulate the used part by rolling it on the other side during its use. This will allow us to reverse the roll once it reaches the end and use it on the other side meaning we will get double the usage than if it was cut.
  2. If you see a cut or tear in the paper please repair it right away with the adhesive tape that is available in the cupboard. This will stop the cut or tear spreading over more of the roll.
  3. If you need to change a roll you can do it (if you know how to do it properly) but if any parts of the system are broken, please notify the admin list ASAP to provide the spares. If you do not know how to do, it please report it (again to the admin list) and we will change it for you.

Other studio equipment :

  1. If you notice something broken or missing, or if something breaks during your photo session, please let us know at once (yes, again to the admin list…); we need to know what has to be repaired and replaced/ purchased as soon as possible.
  2. If you need help, on how any of the equipment works please contact us before using it. Many experts in our club are always willing to advise and share their experience.

Mailing lists :

Admin mail : send a message if you have some problem with the background or equipments.

Studio user mail : send a message for share every think about the studio photo. You can add this email to the Admin when you send a mail to inform the admins about a problem. 


  • A set of 3 Elinchrom flashes (2x 400FX, 1x 600RX) + 3 light stands
  • 1x rotalux Deep 100cm Octa softbox
  • 1x beauty dish 70cm with gold/silver reflectors (*)
  • 1x portalite softbox 65x65cm (*)
  • 2x Heavy stands
  • 1x giraffe light stand (*)
  • 1x 15cm reflector for on flash
  • 1x 18cm reflector for on flash
  • 1x 300 and 1x 200 grid
  • 1x white umbrella
  • 1x snoot
  • 1x background paper stand
  • Background papers: dark gray, cream white, blue, crimson red (*), black (*), white (*)
  • 2x PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver
  • 1x Sekonic L-358 lightmeter + RT-32CE PocketWizard trigger
  • 1x X-RITEColorChecker Gray Scale Balance card
  • 1x ColorEyes Digital Gel-Card
  • Toolbox: 1 clamp, hammer, duck tape, cutter
  • 2x Avenger C-stand and grip arm
  • 1x 90x20cm gobo
  • 1x 90x70cm gobo
  • 1x styrofoam fork
  • 6 roll background paper rack from Manfrotto, with 3 aluminium poles
  • Soft vinyl Carpet
  • Small accessories
  • Prontor Compur to Elynchrom Flash Sync Cable
  • 3 Roll background paper rack
  • 2 rols of background, 1 white 1 black
  • 1 roll background grey colour, vinyle

photos by A. Musso